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Success in business and life is largely governed by the uncomfortable conversations and tough decisions that people often instinctively avoid. We firmly believe that only those with lived experiences of such challenges have the credibility required to push people out of their comfort zones and lead them to embrace positive change.

We are a Lived Experience Consultancy. This means that all our Consultants have lived and breathed the skills we train in director-level commercial roles.

Brass Tacks offer our clients the best of what our Consultant Group have made work in the real world, across Sales, Negotiation, Personal Resilience, Leadership, Commercial Excellence and the "crunchy conversations" that separate leaders from followers.

We are a trusted partner to a rapidly expanding worldwide client list of Fortune 500 organisations, spanning industries such as Life Sciences, Retail, Leisure & Financial Services.

If you demand the best for your team and if you enjoy doing things a little differently, then we think you will enjoy a conversation with us!


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Brass Tacks

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Brass Tacks

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